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Los Angeles, California

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Hi! I am a Los Angeles based filmmaker and creative director.

My personal content ranges from lifestyle and experiences,

to healing and honest conversational vignettes.

As a director coming from the world of cinema I bring an artistic perspective to the content I create. My background extends to commercial productions for Walt Disney World, WWE, FL Lottery, EA sports, the NFL. I've also worked on marketing campaigns for films premiering on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime.

Organic Marketing is authentic. Mixing honesty with creativity is far more impactful on a personal level than what is created on the million dollar sets that I just spoke of. I am so passionate about UGC and connecting brands I believe in with the audiences they're meant for.

Meet Jenna

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Short & Trendy

Lifestyle/Story Driven


Honest Testimonial





Travel & Experience

The sweet spot - my absolute favorite form of content to create!

My passion is fueled by sharing the beautiful moments in doc/recap style.

Memories become so romanticized.

To me, this is the most powerful form of UGC because it allows people to see themselves in that feeling, and dream about those moments.

A huge part of what I want to do creatively is share my own slices of life. Travel, Events, Airbnbs Experiences.

I want to envoke that dreamer.

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Coachella Expirience

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Vlog Style

NY Giants Game

Event Recap

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Travel Cinematography


Trending Sound

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Travel journey
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Crew Restaurant

Crew is an example of a client that I work with on a monthly basis. We have been working together to rebrand and create an aesthetic that captures the restaurant's high end atmosphere and the culinary beauty that the dining experience offers.

Monthly packages create stability

& consistency in the branded content

and help paint a bigger picture.

My work with Crew has driven their

social media engagement up by 350%.

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Passions & Personal Brand

Wellness Based Products

Clean Alternatives

Fashion & Trends

LA specific experiences

Luxury & Unique Airbnbs

New to Los Angeles

Mental Health tips

Female Filmmaker

Young & Free Traveler

Sustainable Fashion

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Inang is an Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand

from Indonesia.

Their Sustainable Handbags

are modeled here in their first American campaign.

This shoot was styled, conceptualized and directed by myself.

UGC Creative Process

Create a content plan

& package that best fits ​your brands needs

Contracts Signed

Products are sent to ​creator

& scripting



Connecting to learn ​about each other

and start to

conceptualize our ​project

Black Right Arrow


Brands have

new organic content ​to post & connect ​with their audience

Deliverables are sent within 7-10 days

of receiving product

(with one optional revision)


Brand Approval

of script



& Editing

Let's create together!

for real

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I truly only reach out to

brands that I feel aligned with. After getting to know me if you believe that my creative mind matches your brand's needs then my friend - as you know all the magic happens in email...I can't wait to hear from you!